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Moving home?

Adsparks advice - Before you decorate.............

When moving into your new home we find the first item on the agenda our customers often ask is………..

  • Is it safe?
  • Is my fuse box up to date?
  • Then other they often notice theres not enough power points?
  • Then notice the power points are in the wrong position?
  • Why are my ceiling lights not in the middle of the room?

The list is endless, we offer property electrical appraisals, this option offers the customer to look at the bigger picture and gives them different options and budgets to choose from.

How long does it last?

If it obtains a satisfactory status, then it's........

if your a owner occupier this would be valid up to 10 years

If your a landlord - it's 5 years or a change of tennancy

What if the electrical condition report fails?

Then Adsparks supply a remedial list, this consists of an itemised list, these are coded 1, 2 & 3 depending on what the severity of the problem is.

Do I need to carry out all the work itemised on the remedial list?

In short -  no 

As an example, a code 3 can just mean if you take off a switch,  the switch line (black or blue wire) has no identification to show it could be 230 volts, hardly a dangerous situation!

We find new home movers often require the following advice on.........

Extra power points

Moving power socket positions

Extra lights, wall lights, moving lights / switch positions / heights etc

Energy efficiency products (heating, lighting etc)

Smoke, heat, Co2 detectors (battery or 230 volts interlinked)

Loft light

Outside lights

Outside sockets

Fuse box upgrade

Garage electrics 

Shed electrics

Gazebo electrics

Garden electrics

Caravan hook up points

Electrical testing price guide

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